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Brief Introduction of the Firm
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Zhongxingcai Guanghua certified public accountants LLP is a professional organization certified securities and futures related business. As supported by Minister of Finance, CSRC, the CICPA and clients, our firm has developed rapidly and has formed two kinds of core business: authentication and consultation. Based in Beijing, our firm has established strategic cooperation relationship with domestic well-known investment banks, brokerages and fund companies. What’s more, we are becoming an operational platform for securitization of domestic capital. In addition, we have branches within all the Chinese main cities. Combined with China United Assets Appraisal Group Co., Ltd、China United Engineering Cost Consultation Co.,Ltd、China United Certified Tax Agents Co.,Ltd,, we have developed into a big group named China United Guanghua Group, aiming to provide enterprises with auditing, tax administration, engineering cost consultation and assets appraisal service etc.. So far, we have become an excellent intermediary service institution with core competitiveness.

In our accounting firm, there are 1438 employees, 609 certified public accountants, 10 International Certified Management Consultant, 158 higher level staffs, including professors, associate professors, senior accountants, engineers, senior tax accounts and senior contract manager. Our team consists of various professional, including accounting, auditing, securities and futures, assets appraisal, tax administration, finance, engineering, economic administration etc.. Undoubtedly, our team is a professional, united and harmony, energetic and dynamic team of certified. In 2014, the auditing income accounts to 437 million yuan while total revenues reach to about 1.2 billion yuan. Our firm has become one of the top 20 accounting firms. What’s more, our firm has successfully been shortlisted in national scale projects, such as auditing project for State Property Committee of the State Council (SASAC), key auditing project for the Ministry of Finance, project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), project for the National Health and Family Planning Commission, auditing project for the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), the south-to-north water transfer project and other projects for The State Tobacco, Soldiers loaded group, National Electricity Group.

Our accounting firm provides service in a large scale, from finance to securities and futures, China telecom, steel, petrol, coal, international trade, textiles, material resources, power, water works, news publishing, technology, transportation, pharmacy, agriculture and livestock industry, and finally, real estate. Prior to the IPO, we can offer enterprises guidance in operating and auditing service before and after listing. We also offer large and medium-size enterprises with internal control designing, enterprise planning, and feasibility study for investment project. In addition, our service contains finance, tax administration, economic assessment and feasibility study for enterprise reformation, assets reorganization and investment. For other projects like engineering, we offer budgets and final accounts service. As for enterprises and public institutions, they have the choices of listing assessment, intangible asset evaluation and price evaluation etc.. Except for a wide range of services, our firm has achieved a good social reputation as a result of comprehensive management system and advanced cultural philosophy, and we have been widely praised by the whole society. Our firm is awarded with many awards, namely: Top 10 influential brands of China's services trade in 2014, National Advanced Party Organization at accounting firm in 2011, Top 10 reliable accounting firms in 2015, Best 500 of the most influential brand culture in China in 2015, nominated with the Membership of the workgroup of Accountants and Lawyers from 5020 enterprises project.

The concept of “Better, bigger, stronger, larger scale, better grade, higher level” has been regarded as our development strategic objectives, and we insist the advanced management idea of “pursuing reputation with quality, making benefits for the society”; our service tenet is “high efficiency and quality, to create value for clients and benefits for the society”. We are practical and robust, with the long-term development goal of being geared to international standards. Our firm and all the staff will work together and work hard to offer high quality and efficiency service for the society; aim to make contribution to Chinese economic development.