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Address of the Chief Partner
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Under the care of leaders at all levels and support of our clients, ZhongXingCai GuangHua Certified Public Accountants is developing in a steady way. Since 2012, we have been one of the top 20 accounting firms in China. We adhere to the principle of independence, impartiality and objectivity, and the professional ethics. We work diligently to persist in the quality of our practice, so as to protect the public interest, bear social responsibility, and provide our clients with professional services of high quality and high added value.


In the face of a constantly changing and increasingly competitive market, integrity is the cornerstone of our firm. Keeping this in mind, we always adhere to the concept of "strengthening integrity in business, promoting business through integrity", and strive to create our brand of integrity. Working with diligence and good faith, everyone in our firm abides by the professional ethics of certified public accountants and the auditing procedures required by the auditing standards. As a result, we are highly trusted by the investors.


In order to guarantee the personnel training and talent building, we have cooperated with many domestic colleges and universities and established a high-level cultivation base for accounting talents. Further impetus has been given to our firm in terms of its core competitiveness, because of the growing number of talents, the advance on professional competence, the improvement of internal management and the construction of the brand of integrity. Our leapfrog development has attracted the attention from leaders at all levels, some of whom even visited our firm successively, to conduct research and offer guidance, including Zhongli Liu, former Finance Minister and president of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Yugui Chen, secretary general of CICPA, and Zhiguo Yang, deputy secretary general of CICPA.


It’s our obligation to create more value for the society and our eternal goal to be a leading accounting firm in China or in the world. Reviewing the past, ZhongXingCai GuangHua has grown up with brilliant performance; looking into the future, we will keep abreast with the world to create bright future. Brilliant are the sunlight and the moonlight; after a night the day dawns again. With same diligence and persistence, we, driven by the experience and achievements we’ve gotten, will set out for a new journey in the encouraging melody of "Chinese Dream".


Again,thank you all for your care and support.


Chief Parter: Gengchun Yao