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Auditing & Advisory Services


Audit of Financial Statement

Financial statement audit mainly includes the following services:

Auditing the annual financial statement of enterprises in various fields;

Auditing the IPO businesses;

Special audit includes auditing the financial statement of special-purpose entity, acquisition, economic responsibility, liquidation, social security payments, financial fund application and allocation and high-tech enterprises' accreditation, etc.;

Authentication of enterprise internal controls, this is not only beneficial to improve the internal controls system, but also enhance the reliability of financial reports by business enterprises.


Management Advisory Service

Strategic Management:

This is designed to formulate the plan of growing business, which will help enterprises turn the increase of income to shareholder value with one step ahead of the competitors and meanwhile adapt to the changing markets and customers' demand to make continuing growth.

Internal Controls Management:

Through professional tools and methods, out internal controls experts will identify the weak parts of enterprises' internal controls management, and seek suitable solutions to the problems. Besides, we will assist the corporations to establish self-improvement mechanism through building the internal controls system. Consequently, this will not only make the corporations meet the requirements of external supervision, but also lower the risk and uncertainty efficiently and promote the operating efficiency.


Assets Assessments Services


Assets Assessments

We have senior assessment experts and relevant statutory qualification in various fields such as corporate assessment, single asset assessment of various kinds, financial assets assessment, the disposal assessment of non-performing financial assets, land use right assessment, real estate assessment, mining rights assessment, and forest resources assessment. And therefore we can provide a package of assets assessments advisory services. With regard to different assessing purposes, objects and environment, we will give full play to discover, notarize and achieve market values and help the customers to grasp opportunities.

Construct Cost Advisory Service

We have A-class qualification to bring forward proposals for projects, conduct feasibility research, compile and vouch investment estimates, and make economic appraisals of projects. Besides, we provide the compiling and vouching services including estimate budget, budget, settlement, final settlement, lower limit on bids and tender offer. We provide construct cost advisory services including supervising the construct cost in different phases of projects, sending project claim and offering information to construct cost advisory service. In addition to this, we arbitrate economic disputes on the consignment of judicial authorization and arbitral bodies. What's more, we offer other related services including being the agent of government procurement and biding for projects, etc..


Tax Agent


We can act as an agent for tax declaration:

We can act as an agent to submit a written report to tax authority about items needed paying taxes within the due time in accordance with the time span and content stipulated by relevant taxation revenue laws, statutes, regulations and normative acts after the taxpayers or obligators paying the taxes.

We can act as an agent for tax advisory:

We provide advisory services for corporations about relevant taxation revenue laws, statutes; taxation paying; accounting for tax case, etc..

Tax Audit

We provide services on the settlement, and the verification of business income tax, the pre-tax covering the deficit of business income tax; reducing the payments on corporation's loss assets before tax; for the corporation canceling the registration and clearing the tax revenue; of clearing the increment tax on land value, and the auditing of listed companies' taxation.

Holding the training of taxation:

We keep pace with the newest state policies on taxation and hold trainings from time to time in an attempt to renew the taxation concept and enhance the taxation management of enterprises, raising the customers' risk awareness of paying tax and cultivating elite management staff of taxation for the companies' interest.


Judicial Expertise


We will help the government bodies such as the public security organ, people's procuratorate, people's courts, discipline inspection committee, and anti-corruption bureau to audit special bills, verify corruption cases and make judicial verification on assets assessments and construct cost, etc..