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Auditing & Advisory Services

Auditing & Advisory Services


Audit of Financial Statement

Financial statement audit mainly includes the following services:

Auditing the annual financial statement of enterprises in various fields;

Auditing the IPO businesses;

Special audit includes auditing the financial statement of special-purpose entity, acquisition, economic responsibility, liquidation, social security payments, financial fund application and allocation and high-tech enterprises' accreditation, etc.;

Authentication of enterprise internal controls, this is not only beneficial to improve the internal controls system, but also enhance the reliability of financial reports by business enterprises.


Management Advisory Service

Strategic Management:

This is designed to formulate the plan of growing business, which will help enterprises turn the increase of income to shareholder value with one step ahead of the competitors and meanwhile adapt to the changing markets and customers' demand to make continuing growth.

Internal Controls Management:

Through professional tools and methods, out internal controls experts will identify the weak parts of enterprises' internal controls management, and seek suitable solutions to the problems. Besides, we will assist the corporations to establish self-improvement mechanism through building the internal controls system. Consequently, this will not only make the corporations meet the requirements of external supervision, but also lower the risk and uncertainty efficiently and promote the operating efficiency.