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Tax Agent
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Tax Agent


We can act as an agent for tax declaration:

We can act as an agent to submit a written report to tax authority about items needed paying taxes within the due time in accordance with the time span and content stipulated by relevant taxation revenue laws, statutes, regulations and normative acts after the taxpayers or obligators paying the taxes.

We can act as an agent for tax advisory:

We provide advisory services for corporations about relevant taxation revenue laws, statutes; taxation paying; accounting for tax case, etc..

Tax Audit

We provide services on the settlement, and the verification of business income tax, the pre-tax covering the deficit of business income tax; reducing the payments on corporation's loss assets before tax; for the corporation canceling the registration and clearing the tax revenue; of clearing the increment tax on land value, and the auditing of listed companies' taxation.

Holding the training of taxation:

We keep pace with the newest state policies on taxation and hold trainings from time to time in an attempt to renew the taxation concept and enhance the taxation management of enterprises, raising the customers' risk awareness of paying tax and cultivating elite management staff of taxation for the companies' interest.